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Black Lives Matter

Image is by Sacrée Frangine (Instagram: sacree_frangine)

We've all seen the heart wrenching video of George Floyd that sparked a movement. And the scary thing is, that this wasn't a one time occurrence. Police brutality, especially towards people of color, has been a thing for longer than any of us can remember. We at Saratoga Pod want to say: Black Lives DO Matter. We'll keep this short and sweet.

Why would we, with a STEM platform, want to get involved?

Well, because it's hard to think about STEM without taking into account race. So many scientific breakthroughs have been because of people of color, yet we hear stories about racism in the workplace. In addition, race is often linked to income or class, which is directly related to quality of education. Education is the very thing that the Saratoga Pod revolves around. Racism is undoubtedly an issue that has existed, obvious or not, in our lives, whether or not you've experienced it first hand. If anything, the stories exist. It's not just George Floyd, it's Breonna Taylor, it's Ahmaud Arbery, just to name a few recent events. All in all, we need to lift up lower income communities instead of continuously punishing them.

On that note, here's a link to a list of things you can do to help. Sign petitions, donate, and voting are among the many things you can do.


And finally, please take into account the state of COVID-19 in the world right now. Stay safe, wear masks - refer to our previous blog post for more information on safety.


Your friends at the Saratoga Pod.

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