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An Introduction

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Welcome to the 500 Women Scientists Saratoga Pod website! 500 Women Scientists is dedicated to making change with women in science, with local pods. We'd like to introduce you to the current team!

FIONA CHANG, President

Fiona is the current president of the 500 Women Scientists Saratoga Pod. She is currently a senior in high school. Her passion lies in numbers, including data and math. In her free time, she spends time with her cat, golfing, and plays video games.

She is extremely excited to spread the word about women and girls in STEM. She hopes that in her time as president, can reach out and hear the stories of many successful women to help inspire young girls in the community.

personal email: fionacchang@gmail.com


grade: 12th grade

Meiying is a high school senior and is set to graduate in 2021. She enjoys biology, chemistry, and environmental science which she has her sights set on in the future. In her free time, Meiying likes to swim, read, and spend time with her dog.

JACLYN LEE, Secretary

Jaclyn is a high school junior. She is interested in learning more about neurology and psychology, which is one of the many reasons why she decided to join this pod! She loves young children and to teach. In Jaclyn’s pastime she plays tennis, mobile games, and paints.

email: jleescientists127@gmail.com


grade: graduated

Camille is currently a college freshman.

Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to reach out or join by contacting 500WSSaratoga@gmail.com!

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500 Women Scientists Saratoga Pod is a group located in Saratoga, California dedicated to promoting women in STEM.