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4 Years & a New Logo


We wanted to let everyone know that 500 Women Scientists is reaching its 4 year anniversary as an organization. As for us, we're nearing our 2 year anniversary as a pod! Our "Love Affair With the Brain" event was in Fall 2018 - quite a long time ago! Since them, 500 Women Scientists has grown as an organization, and we have grown through events, interviews, and blog posts.

And with that, a new logo in partnership with Teal Media is being revealed...

Now presenting – THE NEW LOGO 500WS LOGO!!!


And to go with the new theme, we also have a new profile picture for us, drawn by Fiona, to go with the new purple and mustard yellow theme:

All the best,

Saratoga Pod

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Saratoga Pod

500 Women Scientists Saratoga Pod is a group located in Saratoga, California dedicated to promoting women in STEM.